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As a researcher and educator, I have many years of experience to share with others in how to be happy and successful in the world of academia. I provide interactive workshops to support doctoral students and junior faculty, or pre-tenured faculty, in reaching their goals in the academy. 

New Book!

Like Words Falling onto the Page (eBook) is a concise and easily accessible book for introducing and supporting graduate students and junior faculty in the academic writing and publishing process. [The paperback will be available for purchase soon!]

The Falling Workbook complements the paperback text and offers assignments to support your writing and publishing process. As a resource for research methods courses or advising, the book and e-workbook are perfect for faculty to support and mentor their undergraduate and graduate students. [The Falling Workbook, as a digital download, will be available for purchase soon!]



Virtual Writing and Publishing Workshops

 Felicia Moore Mensah, The Scholar Mentor, has supported doctoral students in completing their dissertations, junior faculty in obtaining tenure, and others in writing and getting published. 

With so much at stake, it is critical to understand the ins-and-outs of the academic writing and the publishing process so that you can advance in your career goals.

Doctoral Students

Are you ready to fast-track your graduate studies? Writing is one of the more critical tasks you engage in along your academic career as a doctoral student. Whether you are writing a class paper, your qualifying exam, dissertation proposal or dissertation, your success depends on writing and getting you to the finish line-- a done dissertation and graduation. The Scholar Mentor will help you understand the growing importance of writing as doctoral students, conducting academic research, choosing the best publishing options as doctoral students, and knowing what to expect in the review process, and so much more!

Junior Faculty

Are you on the fast-track to tenure? Writing is one of the more critical tasks you will engage in along your academic career as a faculty member, and your success depends on writing and getting you to one of your major milestones-- promotion and tenure. The Scholar Mentor will help you understand the growing importance of writing as junior faculty members and how you can support your students in doing the same. In this session, you will learn about choosing the best journals for your research, knowing what to expect in the review process, and so much more!

Personalized Mentoring Program

A great deal of time is spent advising, mentoring, and supporting doctoral students and junior faculty. But not everyone receives the attention they need to advance in their academic programs or careers. If you would like "personalized, one-on-one"-- and/or small group advising sessions-- contact The Scholar Mentor to develop YOUR personalized program. Let The Scholar Mentor assist you in becoming more productive by "developing the scholar in you!" The Personalized Mentoring Program consists of Zoom Virtual Sessions, feedback on writing products (i.e., dissertation proposal, dissertation document, and manuscripts for publication) as well as strategies, tips, and encouragement to keep you motivated to reach your writing goals. Do not be afraid to seek support  on your work. Consider this an investment in YOU and YOUR dreams! 

Contact The Scholar Mentor to set up your "FREE" 15-min Virtual Mentoring Session! After answering a few questions and talking with you about your needs, The Scholar Mentor will send you a Personalized Academic Mentoring Program, with payment options to fit any budget.


"Her peaceful demeanor and Southern charm put us all at ease. She showed how she put her 'money where her mouth is' by living her own advice. Very applicable to my daily life as a new faculty member."
-Workshop Attendee
"This workshop was informative, practical, and motivational. It provided specific actionable steps to implement many of the tips she provided and demystified the publishing process."
-Workshop Attendee
"With Felicia's support as my mentor, I submitted four publications and facilitated two presentations in the last year!"
--M.J., Postdoctoral Research Fellow
"Felicia has been instrumental in my development as a science education researcher and scholar. Her mentor-ship, guidance and wise counsel have supported me as a PhD student and continues to support me as a Junior scholar. Her commitment has helped me to become a better scholarly writer and critical educator. I am immensely grateful to her dedication and support. She is an AMAZING SCHOLAR AND MENTOR!"
--S.E.W., Educational PD Developer


Felicia Moore Mensah, Ph.D., is Associate Dean and Professor of Science Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. As Associate Dean, she develops programming and initiatives for student and faculty development. Her research addresses issues of diversity and equity in science teacher education.

She provides support to the Student Senate, serves as the academic advisor to the Black Student Network and Students for Quality Education, a grassroots-student activist-group on campus. She has sponsored more than 35 doctoral student dissertations and has served on more than 90 dissertation committees, including inside and outside her program, department, college, and international. She also works with  faculty through faculty development and mentoring.

Dr. Mensah has received several honors and awards, including the Outstanding Science Teacher Educator of the Year from ASTE and the AERA Early Career Award from Division K, Teaching and Teacher Education. She is often invited to speak on issues of diversity & equity, faculty development toward tenure and promotion, and culturally relevant/responsive college teaching. 

Collage Images: Michigan State University; North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University; Florida State University; Teachers College, Columbia University; and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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